nick nixon   
  published author and illustrator
   I Grew up in Memphis, TN, went to school and college here. I showed a talent for art and telling tall tales at an early age. I prefer to think of it as being blessed with talent and creativity. I made my living as a graphic artist most of my adult life, owning and operating a graphic design firm which employed a number of other artists.
   Most of my writing consisted of advertising copy. When I retired, I began to write humor articles for various publications and doing cartoons to go along with some of them. I also did voiceovers on commercials and illustrated books for other writers. I was asked in a radio interview if there was anything I have not done yet that I would like to do. I blurted out, "Every writer would like to write a book." That was the first time I had actually said that or even thought it. 
   My love of old black and white film noir crime movies from the 1930s, '40s and '50s have influenced my writing.   
   One evening, when I was trying to go to sleep, the idea for THE FRAME popped into my head. Three months later I had written over 86,000 words. It was published in 2016, followed by MURDER ON THE 13th GREEN in 2017. I recently finished writing THE MAIN STREET MURDERS. All three are Peter English, PI Mysteries, set in Memphis during the 1940s, right after WWII.
   I am now researching and outlining The Chicago Connection, the fourth book in this series. While Peter English is in Chicago, he meets Lawrence Forsyth, a Chicago PI. When this book is completed and published, I plan to start a new series of Lawrence Forsyth, PI Mysteries, set in 1940s Chicago. As the radio announcers of the 1940's used to say, "Stay tuned."
   I have also written six children's stories that I am illustrating. From murder mysteries to children's books? That's no stretch. I have five children and fifteen grandchildren...and a very supportive wife.